Difference between Rapid and Highly Rapid detox from Substance Abuse Addiction

Detox is essential if you are suffering from opioid addiction. It cleans your system from all the toxic in the body. However, to detox your body from opioids, you should take medical help. Through medical assistance, you can manage the withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably. Unsupervised way of detoxing Substance abuse addiction California can be life-threatening and dangerous.

Rapid detox was first introduced in the 80s and is known as anesthesia-assisted detoxification. The main aim of the process is to shorten the whole detox process and complete the withdrawal period in a short time. Since the detoxification process is a painful procedure, rapid detox helps to reduce the pain. Also, increase the success rate.

Rapid detox

In rapid detoxification, the drug addict is made unconscious by giving anesthesia and then given several medicines. The combination of different medications helps to expel all the drug-related toxins out. It removes the toxins … Read More