Homeopathy Careers: Requirements, Job Duties and Salary Information

By: Amy Selleck

Those who are interested in homeopathy careers can become a physician specialising in homeopathic medicine or a naturopathic practitioner. Medical school needs to be completed by both. However, naturopathic practitioners go to a naturopathic medical school to complete their studies.

Physicians who specialise in homeopathy go to medical school which is then usually followed by additional homeopathy coursework being completed in different holistic fields like a holistic nutritionist course or a reflexology course and so on.

Essential Information

The focus of homeopathy is on treating the overall health and medical problems of patients through prescribing holistic remedies. Naturopathic doctors in the U.S. frequently practice homeopathic medicine, although there are some medical doctors that provide homeopathic treatments as a supplement to their practices. For those careers, a doctorate is needed, and typically there are also licensure requirements.

Career Options

Standard physicians and naturopathic doctors both see patients, prescribe … Read More