Detox is essential if you are suffering from opioid addiction. It cleans your system from all the toxic in the body. However, to detox your body from opioids, you should take medical help. Through medical assistance, you can manage the withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably. Unsupervised way of detoxing Substance abuse addiction California can be life-threatening and dangerous.

Rapid detox was first introduced in the 80s and is known as anesthesia-assisted detoxification. The main aim of the process is to shorten the whole detox process and complete the withdrawal period in a short time. Since the detoxification process is a painful procedure, rapid detox helps to reduce the pain. Also, increase the success rate.

Rapid detox

In rapid detoxification, the drug addict is made unconscious by giving anesthesia and then given several medicines. The combination of different medications helps to expel all the drug-related toxins out. It removes the toxins from depth accumulated in the brain and body. The advantages of rapid detox are as follows:

  • Where regular detox takes weeks and months, rapid detox takes a few days.
  • You will not bear the pain of withdrawal symptoms when you are under anesthesia.
  • The retention rate is higher in comparison who go further for drug treatment.

However, there are also some shortcomings of the process are:

  • You can only get the benefit of the process if there is a more thorough treatment program.
  • The duration and level of withdrawal symptoms get unpredictable.
  • Uncertainty as to there might be some side-effects of anesthesia.

Ultra-rapid detox is a similar detox process, but there is only one significant difference between the two.

Difference between both the detox process

The only difference between rapid and ultra-rapid detox is the duration of treatment. Rapid detox treatment can continue for a few days as they require two or three sessions. At the same time, ultra-rapid detox needs only one single day to complete the detox process.

For performing the process in a single day, the patient is given anesthesia for a longer time. The benefits or advantages of ultra-rapid detox are the same as rapid detox. But the short comes of the process are more in comparison. They are:

  • The benefit of ultra-rapid detox is only seen in people who have mild dependence problem.
  • There are various complications related to the process. The treatment’s negative impact can be breathing problems, cardiac arrest, cardiac irregularities, and fluid in the lungs. Other side-effects are an increased chance of diabetes, possible seizures, and various mental health problems.
  • The National Institute on Drug abuse states that ultra-rapid detox is not much use to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms.

But the short comes are not seen in every patient. It generally depends on his/her condition. The complication and success rate vary from person to person and is not something to scare off. By consulting your doctor, you can decide to consider it or not.


Go through all the benefits and risks of both the process to make the right choice. When you know the risk and reward of a process, you are in a position to make an informed decision. However, do not forget to consult with your doctor and your family member to be more sure. If you want to know more about substance abuse addiction California, you can click the link .

Difference between Rapid and Highly Rapid detox from Substance Abuse Addiction