You don’t have to work for a big tech company in a distinguished position to face the consequences of computer-intense lifestyle. Today, everyone from cashiers at checkout to CEOs depend on various gadgets, including computer, mobile phones and tablets. Just count the number of hours you spend daily typing on that keyboard or simply browsing the latest news. The trademark of this lifestyle is recurrent headaches, falling eyesight, back pain and sleeping issues.

Headaches are typically the byproduct of sitting closer to the monitor than you should. Not looking away after a prolong period of staring at the screen, dry eyes and drinking too much coffee or caffeinated products are the culprits to be blamed. And what about eyesight? The eyes also experience collateral damage in this process. On the other hand, back pain is caused due to poor posture and incorrectly positioned chair.

The solution? Adjust your screen so that it’s not too dark or too bright. Limit your coffee intake to the level that your body can handle, maybe one or two small cups a day. Don’t wear eyeglasses that are stronger than what is being prescribed. Take care of your contact lens as suggested and keep dry eye relief medication handy. By adjusting the chair height so that your fleet are flat on the floor and your back getting the needed support, you will be able to eliminate back pain eventually. You may also subscribe for regular chiropractor session or get help from massage and myotherapy services. Additionally, do not forget to adjust your screen height and keyboard position from time to time, to a level that makes you feel comfortable. Better yet, take a break from your gadget every half an hour or more.

Since weak abdominal muscles can also cause lower back pain, stretching exercise, yoga and abdominal crunches should be practiced regularly. The various activities you do away from your screen will not only help you reduce back pain but get rid of headaches and eye problems as well. Then there are people who experience sleeping issues at night. Some of them suffer from mild case like altered sleep pattern, others are victims of insomnia. If you are working late at night and trying to catch sleep during the day, you have sleeping problem. Another symptom is having trouble falling asleep even when it’s relaxing around or waking up in the middle of the night to turn on computer again. The solution here is to make it a habit of going to sleep at the same time every day. Don’t take your laptop to bed, and don’t sleep unless you are tired. If you don’t fall asleep, listen to soft music or try reading a book. Whatever you do, make sure that you are keeping your mind calm and not thinking of work.

So, follow the advice given above and learn how to make changes. Adapt healthy lifestyle with good food, posture and exercise. Do what it takes to make your body work efficiently.

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