It is the one thing that is asked of children repeatedly, but the first question adults frequently forget to ask themselves, “Did you brush your teeth?” Oral hygiene is one of the top illnesses in adults, simply because it is the most forgotten form of self-care. There are two main components to having a healthy smile. First, it is essential to have a good dentist and dental plan. Second, learning how to have a healthy at-home routine can help keep individuals grinning from ear to ear.

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Have an affordable dental plan with a well-educated and trusted dentist is the first step to ensuring oral hygiene. This is because in general, adults should visit the doctor twice a year, or every six months. Although it may seem impossible, finding the right and affordable dental plan is easy with Dental Plans Insurance Reviews. Here, the plans have already been reviewed and put into an easy compare-and-contrast style. When choosing a plan, consider the deductible that will need to be covered for not only general visits but also emergencies. Also, make sure to check with the dentist him/herself to see if their clinic offers any additional benefits or plans. Paying that annual rate can save a lot of headache and financial stress should an emergency arise.

The Mayo Clinic lists several different tips for personal oral hygiene practices at home. Not only is brushing at minimum twice a day crucial, but brushing should be accompanied by flossing. In general, flossing is best done both before and after brushing. However, if there is only time for one set, brush first and then floss second. Many dentists suggest the use of mouthwash following flossing.

Equipment is also something to take into consideration. For example, floss should have wax in order to adequately clean both teeth and gums. Toothpaste is best when it has fluoride to kill the bad bacteria that exist. Whitening toothpaste should be used with caution because it kills both good and bad bacteria that live in the mouth. Finally, the toothbrush is something to be considered carefully. The toothbrush can’t be too soft or too hard; however, this does not mean that “medium” is the perfect fit. Toothbrushes need to be soft enough to not damage the enamel yet hard enough to clean the teeth thoroughly. Battery-operated toothbrushes have the benefit of reducing more plaque than traditional ones.

The last step to oral hygiene is to consider how to brush. The toothbrush should be held at a slight angle and not straight on. Dentists suggest targeting the area where the teeth meet the gyms first and then moving downwards. In order to prevent damage to the enamel, brushing should be done in a circular motion moving right to left.

As an additional comment, consider how toothbrushes and cleaning equipment are kept. Toothbrushes should be replaced no more than every three months. In the same, toothbrushes should be kept in a clean environment, stored in a container until in use.

Put on a Happy Grin