Although consuming weed or marijuana is not good for the overall health of a person, for people who still subscribe to smoking weed and at times need to give a weed test and essentially pass it, your savior at such times is a detox drink. You need to understand that a detox drink does not eliminate the presence of THC but only masks it for a specific period of time so that you can pass your test without being detected of using weed. Guess this is the only test where you really wish you get a negative result!


A General User Manual

Almost all the detox drinks that you will find online work on a similar routine of usage. The drinks need to you consume ample amount (1.5 to 2 liters) of water for at least 3 days prior to the drinking it. Also, it might be wise to check prior to the D-day at home how well the drink works on you. Putting it to test at the last moment can sometimes put you in trouble. Usually, you will need to urinate twice or thrice before the urine can pass the drug test. If you are really in a tight spot and do not have much time to test the drink, then you better look for reviews online or the opinion of your friends before you choose one product to use.


How does the detox work?

You have been hearing so much about these detox drinks work and how they can help you pass a drug test. So how do these drinks help you? Read on to know. When you intake weed, marijuana, cocaine or any other form of illegal drug, a component called THS in short, a fat-soluble item is absorbed by your body and are expelled or present in your urine, saliva, hair follicles, nails or blood. These detox drinks help you expel the THS through urine and sweat faster and help you carry lower and lower levels of THS. So with every time you pass urine, the concentration of minerals in the body which is expelled through urine is further diluted.


Which one to Buy? Which One Not To?

Well, this is the real deal, isn’t it? It all comes down to the companies that fail to give you the desired result and companies that can successfully and quite easily do so. Do not fall for companies that promise to detox your drug level completely using natural ingredients but do not specify the time period within which you can test yourself for toxins in the body. Always go with the company that specifically informs you about the time, the usage directions and advice as to what you should do prior and after consumption of the drink. A few companies that really do work also come with tablets for you to take so that you can completely flush the toxins out.

Remember, do not drink too much of water on the day of the test because in such cases, your urine will be too clear of any substance and this can lead to unnecessary suspicion on the part of the examiner. Be extra careful of what you do! For getting caught will cost you a lot.

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